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Movies with Eric Keenleyside

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Rating: 5.8 out of 10 (30395 votes)


Actors: Harrison Ford, Robert Forster, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Virginia Madsen, Eric Keenleyside

Directors: Richard Loncraine

Country: USA, Australia

Year: 2006

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

With his family held for ransom, the head security executive for a global bank is commanded to loot his own business for millions in order to ensure his wife and children's safety. He then faces the demanding task of thwarting the kidnapper's grand scheme, which makes him look guilty of embezzlement.

Rating: 7.2 out of 10 (206 votes)

November Christmas

Actors: Sam Elliott, Karen Allen, Eric Keenleyside, Richard Fitzpatrick, John Corbett

Directors: Robert Harmon

Country: USA

Year: 2010

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

A young father asks for pumpkins at the local farm stand. "In August? No." the farmer replies. The farmer ruminates on the odd request and gets involved with strangers for the first time since his son's death long ago.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10 (1104 votes)

Dear Mr. Gacy

Actors: Jesse Moss, Eric Keenleyside, Andrew Airlie, Cole Heppell, William Forsythe

Directors: Svetozar Ristovski

Country: Canada

Year: 2010

Available Quality: DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def

A chronicle of the interaction between college student Jason Moss and the object of his obsession, serial killer John Wayne Gacy.

Rating: 7.9 out of 10 (7063 votes)

Bang Bang You're Dead

Actors: Gillian Barber, Eric Keenleyside, Ben Foster, Gary Chalk, Eric Johnson

Directors: Guy Ferland

Country: USA, Canada

Year: 2002

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

For the most part it's a tale of an adolescent, Trevor, who gets picked on a lot at school. Not as much as he used to, because the year before he called in a phony bomb threat, complete with a working bomb (minus anything that would actually explode). Because of this, parents and teachers are afraid of him, and his fellow students generally avoid him, except for a group of outcasts called the "Trogs". As violence by the Jocks against the Trogs escalates, Trevor is the suspect for anything gone wrong, even though he didn't necessarily do anything. One teacher is willing to give Trevor the benefit of the doubt, and casts him in a highly controv...

Rating: 6.4 out of 10 (48983 votes)

The Interpreter

Actors: Nicole Kidman, Curtiss Cook, Eric Keenleyside, Sean Penn, Jesper Christensen

Directors: Sydney Pollack

Country: USA, UK, France

Year: 2005

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def

Escalating events begin when U.N. interpreter Silvia Broome alleges that she has overheard a death threat against an African head of state, spoken in a rare dialect few people other than Silvia can understand. With the words "The Teacher will never leave this room alive," in an instant, Silvia's life is turned upside down as she becomes a hunted target of the killers. Placed under the protection of federal agent Tobin Keller, Silvia's world only grows more nightmarish. As Keller digs deeper into his eyewitnesses' past and her secretive world of global connections, the more suspicious he becomes that she herself might be involved in the conspi...

Rating: 4.9 out of 10 (6256 votes)

Bordello of Blood

Actors: Aubrey Morris, Angie Everhart, Erika Eleniak, Chris Sarandon, William Sadler

Directors: Gilbert Adler

Country: USA

Year: 1996

Available Quality: DVD, iPod

The old bag of bones 'Cryptkeeper' returns for his second full length feature flick about a funeral home that's a front for a whorehouse run by vampires.

Rating: 5.7 out of 10 (2567 votes)


Actors: Adrian Holmes, Laura Vandervoort, Lynda Boyd, Eric Keenleyside, Phillip Mitchell

Directors: Jeff King

Country: USA, Canada

Year: 2009

Available Quality: DVD, iPod

Damage, starring WWE superstar Steve Austin, is a story of a man recently paroled from prison after serving time for manslaughter. Remorseful of his crime, Austin tries his best to restart his life on the outside.

Rating: 7.8 out of 10 (2608 votes)

Door to Door

Actors: William H. Macy, Kyra Sedgwick, Helen Mirren, Eric Keenleyside, Kathy Baker

Directors: Steven Schachter

Country: USA

Year: 2002

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

A man with cerebral palsy is determined to become a salesman.

Rating: 5.3 out of 10 (43928 votes)


Actors: Morgan Freeman, Timothy Olyphant, Tom Sizemore, Michael O'Neill, Thomas Jane

Directors: Lawrence Kasdan

Country: USA, Australia

Year: 2003

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, iPod

Four boyhood pals in Derry, Maine, get together for a pilgrimage to their favorite deep-woods cabin, Hole in the Wall. They've all got midlife crises: clownish Beav has love problems; the intellectual shrink, Henry, is slowly succumbing to the siren song of suicide; Pete is losing a war with beer; Jonesy has had weird premonitions ever since he got hit by a car. Having arrived at Hole in the Wall they meet a mysterious stranger and all hell breaks loose...

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