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Can CBD Help Anxiety? | What the Research Says in 2019

Occasional feelings of anxiety are normal. People who suffer from anxiety disorders, however, frequently experience intense, persistent, excessive worry and fear over everyday occurrences. These repeated episodes of sudden fear, terror, and anxiety can trigger a panic attack within minutes. Whatever form your anxiety takes, there is help available. The first stop, of course, is discussing treatment options with a medical professional. Here’s what the research says about full-spectrum hemp with CBD Oil for anxiety in 2019

Can CBD Oil Actually Ease Anxiety?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the hundreds of active ingredients found in cannabis plants. A derivative of the hemp plant, it’s a cousin of marijuana. While research on CBD oil is only now moving toward mainstream scientific investigation and more clinical trials are necessary, there is mounting evidence that CBD oil may help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

The anti-anxiety effects of CBD oil were first investigated in animals in the 1970s and 1980s. Later studies in humans showed promising results.

In June 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first drug containing CBD for treatment of two rare forms of epilepsy. The World Health Organization, in a 2017 report, stated, “There is also preliminary evidence that CBD may be a useful treatment for a number of other medical conditions.” Some examples are sleep and menstrual discomfort.

How to Take CBD Oil for Anxiety
First, know if you that it’s understood to be most effective when used regularly. This is known as the cumulative effect. Because it’s considered a natural supplement, it isn’t regulated by the FDA. So, buyer beware—make certain you purchase only reputable products. Typically oils, such as those you can purchase in a grocery store, actually contain very little CBD. A CBD oil from a reputable merchant assures you’re getting the potency you’re paying for.

The optimum dose of CBD oil is highly individualized. How much CBD oil you take each day is also dependent on the type of CBD oil you’re taking and the form factor. When it comes to form factor, the most common are vapes, sublinguals, ingestibles, and topicals. CBD oil is edible, meaning you can add it to foods or even use it as a cooking oil. It is often taken in a drop form placed under the tongue, or you can take it orally in a capsule.

How much CBD oil you take per day varies depending on the type and concentration of the CBD you’re using. The best dose of CBD oil for you will depend on your age, weight, medical condition, genetics, and the result you’d like to achieve. A few points to take into consideration when beginning CBD oil use include:

Whether in its pure form or extracted from hemp, CBD oil will affect every individual differently.
Be consistent with dosing. Don’t start small one day and jump to the maximum the next day.
Build up your dosage slowly to give your body time to become accustomed to the effects.
Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get immediate results. Some have reported waiting two weeks before noticing positive results.
How Much Hemp Oil Should I Take?
A 2010 study cited in Journal of Psychopharmacology found an oral dose of 400 mg of CBD reduces symptoms of social anxiety disorder in humans. This study found CBD has anti-anxiety properties.

In a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology (2011), patients with social anxiety disorder received a 600 mg dose of CBD one and a half hours before participating in a stress-triggering exercise. Results showed a significant reduction in anxiety levels, cognitive impairment, and reduced discomfort in speaking in social settings.

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