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Moving Cars

It’s not uncommon, these days, for people to own several different vehicles. Maybe you have a couple family vehicles, an RV, and a boat, ATV, or an off-road motorcycle that you use for recreation. What do you do when you need to move long distance? How can you get all these vehicles from the city you are leaving to your new home? Driving them all may be completely impractical, not to mention time consuming! Moving cars with a reliable moving company can be the best method to relocate your vehicles safely and efficiently cheap vehicle recovery reading.

The same reliable moving company that you hire to move all your other belongings can also ship cars, you should ask your moving consultant about it. The movers will use different methods of auto transport, depending on the type of vehicle you need to relocate, including:

· Auto shipping inside one of the moving vans;

· Or, larger vehicles may be secured on a flatdeck truck.

If the moving company has many years of experience they will be able to assess the best way to ship your vehicle.

There are established criteria for moving cars, and these include:

· Vehicles must be empty of fuel. It’s prudent, for safety reasons, to avoid shipping dangerous flammable materials;

· Vehicles must be empty of loose items, to avoid the possibility of damage to the vehicle by these things moving around inside during transport, and

· Licensed, so that regular auto coverage will apply in the event of a mishap.

Perhaps you own a vehicle that is undergoing restoration. It may be in pieces, or at least partially disassembled and certainly not in running condition, therefore it won’t be licensed. The moving company will advise you to protect your (perhaps not inconsiderable!) investment by purchasing extra coverage specifically for your unlicensed vehicle.

Sometimes the movers won’t possess the proper equipment to suit your vehicle transport needs. In this case a reliable moving company will refer you to a third party auto transporter with the right equipment to ship your vehicle. As a rule, third party carriers only transport licensed, running vehicles.

If you are the fortunate owner of a classic car, or heavily modified and/or high value vehicle of any description, it’s prudent to get an appraisal done to ensure that you have adequate coverage in case of an accident. Your vehicle would otherwise be covered at book value for it’s year and model.

Don’t let the daunting prospect of transporting your vehicles long distance stress you out! The peace of mind you will gain from dealing with a reliable moving company can make all the difference to your relocation experience. And this applies to all your personal possessions, not just your vehicles!

Moving cars, trucks, boats RV’s or any type of vehicle can be difficult, or you can make it easier by dealing with a reliable moving company. They will have the knowledge and experience to ship any sort of vehicle across town, across the country and even further.

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